The Social Media Must

Whether you have been a family establishment for 55 years, or just a New Corner Pub trying to find an identity; social media will play an important part of your restaurant success today.

 You may not have a Facebook page,  a twitter account, or even a smartphone. Your business may especially avoid these things; treating them as a nuisance, and a trend that will go the way of New Coke, JAMS, or tying a bandana around your thigh ‘a la Chachi Arcola. Nonetheless, social media is an important part of your restaurant and bar business.  Because, even if you’re not engaging in social media your customers sure are, and what they say can elevate your signature dish to a much talked about trending item, or torpedo your best-intentioned decor doover.  Your guests are tweeting, posting, about your restaurant online. Social media can move mountains, start revolutions, and resurrect careers;  share in that online experience, and capitalize on just how powerful it can be.



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