il Profeta

We know how hard the restaurant and bar business can be, and just how difficult it is to advertise your restaurant effectively; attaining tangible results -while providing a return on investment.

il Profeta’s team has worked in both the marketing and restaurant fields. On the frontline of the Restaurant Business, we have logged the hours as cooks, bartenders, managers, and waitstaff. As we weaved our way through life, many of us landed in Radio, Television, Print, and all matter of media. We hustled on the sales side, and summoned our collective muse on the creative end; copywriting, creating graphics, and writing compelling scripts and musical scores.

il Profeta’s team has harnessed all this experience to help carve a small niche in this vast digital world. Our expertise is in aiding your smaller restaurant capitalize on the strength of Social Media and the simplicity of sound advertising theory.

It is hard enough to pour your passion into the day to day of the restaurant, let alone try to manage the marketing, with an almost non-existent advertising budget. That’s where the prophets on our team can help you, and your restaurant.

il Profeta will manage Social Media Posts for as little as $75.00 a week, or harness the full potential of all of our partners in the Media and design, implement, and manage local,  reginoal or national advertising campaigns.


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